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Naruto CoV Chapter 5
Chapter V: Battle of Doujutsu
Everybody was confused as security and the ANBU moved here and there. When Kakashi got the information that the man he was talking with stole an artifact from Konoha, he was kind of confused. How did a water Jounin just steal something in front of Hokage herself?
"Something's not right..." Kakashi thought.
"Maybe he and his student use the same type of techniques. I need to inform the hokage."
Kakashi reported what he knew to Hokage, and waited in the office.
"For now we need to continue the exam. Send out special pursuing teams. He couldn't of just left without leaving a trace." Tsunade said.
"What exactly did he take?" Kakashi asked.
"Some strange artifact from our storages. He only took a look at it, did some technique, and the artifact.. activated. Just after that he disappeared, probably with that technique you described to me."
After it, Kakashi returned to the arena. The final battle was about to start.
"Arim vs Hyuuga Neji" the examiner said.
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Naruto CoV Chapter 4
Chapter IV: Discoveries
The next match was about to begin. In the teacher's crowd, there stood Kiosho, as if he didn't go anywhere. Kakashi came to him and asked:
"Was that your student back at the first match?"
"Why, yes. How did you know?" Kiosho asked.
"Somehow, you and him look alike, as well as your eyes."
"Oh? So you already see our similarity with your sharingan? Impressive."
"Is he your son?"
"No, he's an orphan I picked up on the street. He was willing to train in the arts of ninjutsu."
"And how did you get your eye?"
"I believe I'm not obligated in telling that."
"Fine. Those techniques are interesting though. I saw his chakra, but no body. At the first match, I saw the chakra moving like a normal body would. In the second, I saw his body float to his opponent. What kind of technique is that, if it's not a secret."
"It is a dimensional technique. Something I developed for the both of us."
"Something you developed? So that eye is your bloodline limit?"
"What do you
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Naruto CoV Chapter 3
Chapter III: Second battle
Eight matches have passed.
"The second round will begin in half an hour. Go rest."
The participants went away to eat or just hang around. Arim's next opponent was from the Motaru clan. Her name was Rin and she was from Iwagakure. Only thing was known about her abilities were Earth type techniques.
"Good job. I see you're not even exhausted." Kiosho said as he stood beside the doorway.
"Just had to wait for it to activate. I still can't use it fast enough."
"Heh. You're still at a young age. I'm developing a new eye technique which I studied recently. It's pretty good."
"When was there a time you weren't researching or developing?" Arim laughed.
"Meh." Kiosho smiled.
Kiosho left while some people came to Arim.
"Who are you? The examiner did not say your surname." One of the people said.
"That's because I have none." Arim answered.
"What do you mean?"
"I was an orphan."
Everyone lay silent for a moment.
"How did you become a shinobi then?" Another one asked.
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Naruto CoV Chapter 2
Chapter II: First Match
"Wake up. Two more hours until your match begins."
Arim woke up. The sun was just above the horizon. It was 10 in the morning, and two more hours until the third stage of the Chunin exams continue.
"An aburame, eh? That clan and its nasty techniques. No match for you though."
"I'm well aware of that. How'd your night go?"
"Well, you know. Went here and there."
Arim laughed a little and shook his head.
"Alright, let's go. We've got to prepare for the match. Let's go."
Arim and Kiosho walked out of the hotel and headed for the third stage exam building. There they went up the ladders.
"Alright, good luck. I'll be off up to the crowd."
"Later then."
As Arim walked up to the place where other Genin's were, his name was called shortly after he got up. Arim stepping on the ledge and jumping down. There, in front of him, stood his opponent, Aburame Hengi.
"Ready?" said the examiner.
The fight broke out immidietly. The Aburame's insects spread out quickly, but
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Naruto CoV Chapter 1
Chapter I: Arrival
...A long time ago, a few years before the hidden villages were found, a huge city was created by three of the noblest clans: Anakura the Rinnegan users, Soruma the great medical ninja and Hokkai with their legendary nin-taijutsu. The city was big enough to be called a small country, and had the nickname "Citadel of Vision". Once it was created, many other different clans started living there. Legend says that the citadel itself is hidden in heaven.
It was the time for the Chunin exams at Konoha. Many Genins gathered from many different hidden villages.
"So, here we are. The village hidden in the leaves. This is the main village I got my research from."
"How come, master Kiosho?"
"There are two clan's that have unique ocular powers. The one I gave you is based on one of these clans."
"I see. I'm very glad you took me as your student, otherwise I would of died from hunger."
"No problem Arim. Look, there's the main gate. We've arrived."
The master and student wal
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I am a 15 years old boy, who loves Music and Art. I mostly spend my time playing piano/guitar, computer or going outside.

Favourite genre of music: Blues


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