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Chapter V: Battle of Doujutsu

Everybody was confused as security and the ANBU moved here and there. When Kakashi got the information that the man he was talking with stole an artifact from Konoha, he was kind of confused. How did a water Jounin just steal something in front of Hokage herself?

"Something's not right..." Kakashi thought.

"Maybe he and his student use the same type of techniques. I need to inform the hokage."

Kakashi reported what he knew to Hokage, and waited in the office.

"For now we need to continue the exam. Send out special pursuing teams. He couldn't of just left without leaving a trace." Tsunade said.

"What exactly did he take?" Kakashi asked.

"Some strange artifact from our storages. He only took a look at it, did some technique, and the artifact.. activated. Just after that he disappeared, probably with that technique you described to me."

After it, Kakashi returned to the arena. The final battle was about to start.


"Arim vs Hyuuga Neji" the examiner said.


"Byakugan!" Neji activated his eyes, taking the Hyuuga Taijutsu stance.

"So that's one of the Doujutsu Konoha has. I'll need to use mine against this." Arim thought.

"Kyuuten Sharingan!" Arim activated his eyes while taking a defencive stance.

After a moment, Neji began attacking. Arim stayed where he was. As Neji began his attacks, Arim only dodged.

"Hakkeshou Kaiten!" *

Arim jumped away.

"His attacks are powerful... I must not get hit with those attacks, and he is fast as well." Arim thought.

"Toton: Tenraihi Genkotsu" **

Arim's hands began to be covered with bright gold color, somewhat blinding the eyes. He smiled, and charged at Neji.

Their fight was very hard to follow, unless trained to. They exchanged and countered each others blows a lot. Tenraihi Genkotsu was a technique which used spectral wavelenghts and radiational. That's what was dangerous. Many hits from each other can cause a lot of damage.

Arim jumped up.

"Fuuton: Kazekiri no Jutsu!" ***

Arim blew several strikes while Neji was dodging them. Landing, they were both exhausted.

Neji began to charge. Arim used once again Divine Light Fists and charged as well. It was known to both of them, the one who will get hit, will lose the match.

A small area around them exploded of pressure, and they both were lying on the ground. The examiner came nearer, looked at them both, and said:

"The match ends in a draw."

The crowd was wild. They never experienced such intense fights in a long time.


After some time, the Hokage called every Genin that participated at the last tournament.

"We have thought and discussed about you, and have decided who are worthy of becoming Chunin. As we call your name, step forward."

Everybody looked at each other. Nobody knew who would be chosen.

"Amabu Kenzo."

Kenzo stepped forward.

"Hyuuga Neji."

Neji stepped forward.


Arim stepped forward.

"Nakiaro Masato."

Masato stepped forward.

"Everyone else is dismissed."

Those who were not chosen were very disappointed and some were angry. Once only the four were alone there with the hokage.

"Now, you four did a very good job at the exams. You proved your skills and now you will be rewarded. I congratulate you, Chunin. Everyone is free to go. Except for Arim."

When everyone else was out, four Anbu appeared near the exit.

Arim looked a little confused.

"Don't panic. We won't hurt you. We just need you tell us about your master."
Well I dug this up :q enjoy, Naruto: Citadel of Vision, chapter 5.

* Eight Devination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin
** Light element: Divine Light Fists
*** Wind element: Wind Cutter Technique

Chapter VI: Not released.
Chapter IV: [link]

©Naruto belongs to Kishimoto
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